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Regis Jesuit High School - Aurora, Colorado

Three Dimensional Forms  -  Still Life -

Drawing is one of the foundational skills within an artist toolkit.  Engaging and understanding the basic principles around observational drawing is essential part of the artists toolkit.

  In this beginners Fine Art class, students engaged with the basic elements and principles and methods of representing three dimensional forms. 

This unit was designed to engage students in a new way of thinking; to draw what you observe, not what you think you observe.

By this point students had become comfortable with the idea of drawing as an exploratory exercise where growth
can occur over time. 


Regis Jesuit High School - Aurora, Colorado

Unit: 3-D Forms   - Cartoon Self Portrait -

Cartoon characters are flat and not very dimensional.  This leaves one to ask
"why cartoons in a 3D unit?"

Although lacking spatial depth, cartoon characters don't lack in depth of character, personality, or story.  Overflowing in these areas, students portrayed themselves in an existing cartoon style or one of their own invention.

This Fine Art I class was mostly beginners, carrying a large degree of intimidation and reluctance to drawing.  This exercise was created as a drawing prompt which would build confidence in students own skills and abilities. 
Not so technically specific, Cartoons would engage, challenge and focus students on using art as a visual language to tell their own story.



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